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What kind of challenges are you having in your life now? 
Are you feeling STUCK or overwhelmed? 

Need better sleep?

Don’t know how to move forward?

Let me show you how to live your life with PURPOSE!


Contact me NOW for your FREE complimentary first session.


My Name is Agi.

I’d really appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to success coaching.

My goal its provide you with a Lifestyle program and support you in making positive changes in key areas of your life.


I’m a creative educator and 

an independent, Lifestyle consultant, Certified Relationship and Success Coach.

I work with individuals who want to create a life strategy and achieve their personal goals...but are not sure where to begin.


What’re your dreams? What is your hearts desire? ...

To have more holidays?

Increase your wealth?

Create wonderful relationships with the people around you?

I will help you to clarify your life and find the best way forward...or maybe just find yourself again.


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What is a Success Coach?


How It Works


Secret to a Restful Sleep

Why SOL Life Success coaching?

I have a personally experienced anxiety, depression, quitting smoking and the grief of losing a loved one.


The biggest turning point in my life came when I realised that we are all able to learn from our past...then leave our sorrow behind to create a meaningful future.

My biggest achievement was moving to a new country all by myself and not even knowing how to speak the language!

I’m absolutely excited and enthusiastic to find out about your personal goals and dreams.

Having me as your coach will change your world. You will learn how to see life differently. Sometimes the magic of this process is not explainable…it’s needs to be experienced.

I have a beautiful team behind me. And I learned success coaching from one of the best people in this business.


Continuing education and growth is important to me and I strive to constantly improve my life.


I am fortunate and feel privileged to able to see people changing their lives dramatically for the better.


My goal is to spend every working day inspiring and challenging people to be their very best. Whilst providing them with the education and support they need to get there.


I’m absolutely committed to helping my clients get excited about their lives and achieving outstanding success. So that they can then choose their pathways and live a purposeful life


Live life with light and ease and the awareness to enjoy every moment of it.

- SOL Life Success coaching


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My Clients

My clients consistently tell me that the outcomes they achieve are much greater than what they ever imagined was possible


“Journey can be the Reward” - Thank you for your continuous support  


“This magic is Not explainable … it needs to experienced”

Contact me NOW!


“I have been a client of SOL life success coaching since 2016.

I would like to personally endorse and thank Agi for the empathy and understanding she has shown me. Her warm trusting nature, support, and guidance have helped me to believe in myself again. I have re-established my faith in humanity, have changed career pathways and I’m happier than I have been since I can remember.

On a light note, I’m now saving a fortune in psychologist’s fees thanks again for your success.


Thanks again Agi, you’re success lives in my heart.”




Contact me NOW!

Having worked with you (SOL Life Success coaching) over the last few months I want to say that you have taught me so much about myself.


Your warm and nurturing nature lets me talk about myself in a way that allows me to process thoughts previously untapped.


You’re basically a superstar life coach and I feel very privileged to have met you.


With Love, David XXX

Contact me NOW!










Location: Sydney, Australia.

Phone: 0438 250 969

Email: via form below


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