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How It Works


The coaching structure I provide is based upon a 10 session series, with each session lasting one hour.


 - Sessions are conducted in person or via Skype, FaceTime or telephone. Whichever you prefer.

 - Sessions are normally carried out on a fortnightly basis but in some cases once a month.

 - I will assist you to make positive changes in one or more areas of your life throughout the course of the coaching program.

 - We will design strategies, set milestones and agree upon a purposeful action plan.
 - We will establish a range of desirable goals.

 - Priorities the order to keep you moving forward

 - I will ensure you keep motivated on this journey to success.

 - Our focus will be on working together.

 - As your coach and accountability partner, I will regularly stay in touch and provide you with the support required. 



With an open heart, I promise to work with integrity and offer unconditional support. Providing you with individual learning in a comfortable environment. Yet challenging you to grow whilst finding the freedom and abundance which will enable you to play it forward.

Let’s create some dreams today, set some goals and take some action.

Join me in your journey of taking control of your Life


SOL Life Success coaching



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