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Healthy mind

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

How to keep a Healthy mind?

How to be mindful?

Be here NOW.

Flow - Think about what’s needed to be done - create a ‘ta-dah’ list instead of a to-do list. You’ll be more productive when you focus on one task at the time. Your action will be more effective and you’ll be more confident.

Meditate - Meditation is valuable for a healthy mind.

Many successful people getting great maybe new ideas out of it as well.

Connect - It is important to be part of human unity.

Social interaction, human bonds, and social support have an exceptional benefit. Be present and appreciate the moment. Be with the people in your life who bring you joy and give them the attention they deserve. Really listen and participate in conversations.

High curiosity - Growth is a Human need. Challenge your brain.

Learn something new: a new language, learn how to play an instrument, expand your knowledge in your career, pick a new hobby, learn a new art form. See what’s out there for you.

Get moving - Daily physical exercise at least for 20 minutes a day good for your mind and soul. Stretching, walking, swimming, dancing, gardening ... whatever makes you happy.

Turn healthy movement into mindful practice: just focus on your body and pay attention to every breath you take, every step you take, every move you make. Use your senses.

Choose mindfully - Have a good relationship with food.

Serve it beautifully for yourself, enjoy it, smell it, taste it. Truly take pleasure in the fresh variety. Select the right portion. Remember the golden rule calories in calories out.

Gratitude - I can’t highlight enough the importance in life to be grateful. when we thankful more joyfulness will come to our life.

Keeping up with good habits will give us a balance in life and a healthy mind and a healthy body. A good amount of sleep will help to retain your brain in good shape as well.

And most importantly don’t forget to smile. :)

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